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A New Paradigm for Wellness

Healing is a process that requires patience. Many of us have forgotten that our bodies were designed by nature to heal themselves. It is a process that doesn't and won't occur overnight. It is also a process that needs our support.

Where we are on our healing journey is due to events that brought us to exactly where we are, right now. In one way or another, those events have "become us."

Just as our past has contributed to where we are, our current choices and circumstances will affect where we are going. Educating ourselves, being mindful, and feeling empowered can begin the shift to better health.

Anyone can move from where they are right now towards a more vibrant life.

There is an emerging wellness paradigm that brings together the latest research in physics and biology, referred to as quantum biology or bio-physics. Another term that is also used is bio-energetics.

We are energetic beings and by understanding our bodies from an energetic perspective while embracing the physical aspects of illnesses, we are better equipped to promote healing.

When our energy becomes drained by infections, toxins, and our life situations, our bodies do not have the resources to surmount the challenge of getting better. The result is often a chronic illness.

By focusing on the things we can do to restore our energy and that give our cells the resources they need, we are giving our bodies a better chance at healing.

This dynamic wellness paradigm, embracing both the energetic and physical aspects of ourselves, provides a more holistic framework for healing and is simple, empowering and most important "doable".

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