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Lyme Disease


Lyme Disease is a complex and life-changing illness. It is one of the only diseases in this country with two different standards of care. This makes it challenging and controversial for most physicians to treat. Doctors that follow the CDC/IDSA guidelines may miss cases or treat with too short of a course of antibiotics. Doctors that follow the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) guidelines, have long waiting lists, often don't take insurance and risk being ostracized by thier colleagues or worse. 


The situation gets more challenging once patients learn how complex Lyme disease can be.  The spirochetal organism associated with Lyme (Borellia) can change it's shape, divide, evade antibiotics, build biofilms, hide in cyst form, exit the blood steam infecting tissue and organs, and suppress the immune system.  The illness can be further complicated by the existence of other infections either carried by the insect or currently in the body, a weakened immune system, the systemic nature of the illness, nutritional deficiencies, stress levels, being misdiagnosed, genetics and factors such as mold exposure and heavy metals


In light of the complexity of the illness, the recovery process can be complex as well.  

Leslie offers a Lyme disease and co-infection Panel Test through Vibrant America Clinical Laboratory as well as coaching and supportive and herbal therapies.

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