Transformational Health Coaching
Functional Medicine Testing
Nutritional Genetic Testing
Biofield Tuning

Leslie Barnett has over 25 years of research, education and experience that guides her in supporting clients with their health challenges and goals.


Her health coaching services span from supportive listening and "hand-holding" to more complex explorations to get at the root causes of symptoms.  

This can include comprehensive functional medicine testing, genetic testing and Lyme and co-infection testing.

Knowledge is power. 

Leslie works in partnership with each client, so they feel in control of the process and their health at all times.


She provides accessible information to help each client on their unique journey, empowering them to make decisions, meeting them exactly where they are and supporting them in whatever way she can. 


She is a compassionate and deep listener. 

Leslie also offers a sound therapy method, Biofield Tuning, that helps restore energetic balance in the body to promote the body's natural healing processes.  

It can be helpful with anxiety, stress, sleep, digestive issues, inflammation, headaches, pain and general malaise.


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