What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a therapeutic method that uses the vibrations and harmonics of weighted and unweighted tuning forks in a specific way that promotes deep relaxation and healing at the cellular level.  Benefits clients have experienced include increased energy, reduced anxiety, improved sleep, decreased pain and a more positive outlook. 

The method was developed over a 20 year period and is based on the research and clinical experience of Eileen McKusick.

In a Biofield Tuning session, a trained practitioner strikes the individual weighted and unweighted forks in a systematic way that is unique to this method.  The vibrating forks are moved around the body in the client's biofield, which extends approximately 5 to 6 feet on each side of the body and about 2 feet above the head and below the feet, and also on specific points on the body.

Sessions can be a few minutes or last as long as 90 minutes and are conducted while the client sits in a chair, is laying on a treatment table or at a distance.  Sessions can also be conducted with couples and groups.  

The term "biofield" is not new even though it may not be familiar to many.   It was coined in 1992 by an NIH committee in an effort to come up with a universal term that would describe the dynamic invisible forces associated with manual and hands-on healing modalities, e.g. chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, reiki, etc.  It was defined at that time as “a massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.”

The term "biofield" was also accepted at that time as as a Medical Subject Heading (MeSH term) at the National Library of Medicine so that it could be searched in a database and the term "biofield therapies" was accepted as a category of therapies that would include the diverse range of these complimentary and alternative healing modalities.

Since 1992, fascinating and promising research on the effectiveness of biofield therapies has been conducted but it has not been widely disseminated.

Using sound and tuning forks as a healing therapy is also not new.  Ancient heiroglyphics have depicted images of tuning forks and it is believed that Pythagoras, the father of modern Mathematics, was one of the first sound healers.

Today, more people are becoming familiar with and accepting the use of crystal bowls, brass bowls, chimes, drums and music as sound healing therapies.  As a matter of fact, there is evidence supporting the efficacy of this modality, though it is not widely documented in scientific journals.

Sound is widely accepted in the medical field as a diagnostic tool.  Most of us are familiar with the ultrasound used to determine the health of a fetus, evaluate internal injuries or detect tumors.  A recent search on the internet yielded some fascinating new research using sound to levitate cells for cancer detection and manipulate tiny droplets of fluid in ways that may revolutionize diagnostics and drug delivery.

Eileen McKusick's extensive research and work using tuning forks in the biofield enabled her to identify very specific patterns of sound and vibration that enabled her to create a "biofield anatomy" map.  This biofield map reflects the subtle energy field that extends around the body and holds information.  Moreover, she discovered that this field reflects the timeline of a person's life.


In the session, as the practitioner strikes the forks at varying distances within the biofield, he or she is able to pick up "pockets" of dissonant energy along that timeline and bring those "pockets" into resonance with the forks.  This new coherent energy is then reintegrated into the body via the harmonic vibrations of the forks, promoting deep relaxation and healing. 

The Biofield Anatomy is outlined in detail in Eileen’s book, "Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy", and is valuable information for anyone interested in this fascinating subject.  You may also visit her website at www.biofieldtuning.com.


Please contact Leslie if you would like to learn more about Biofield Tuning or schedule a session.  She is also available to give demonstrations and classes.


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