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Leslie graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2008.  Her professional experience prior to that was in the investment industry working initially as a stock broker and then as in investment analyst.  She took time off to raise her two daughters who now live in New York City.


Her decision to return to school to become a health coach stemmed from her own recovery from allergies, eating disorders, digestive issues, depression and other health issues.  She had uncovered so much valuable information that she just wanted to share it with others.

Soon after graduating in 2008, Leslie fell ill and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and coinfections.  This diagnosis launched her on a even deeper exploration of recovery and health.

While Leslie took care of her family and saw clients, she continued to research and explore every possible option to regain her health.

This led her to Biofield Tuning in 2016, an innovative sound therapy that restores the body to its natural rhythms.  It was the "missing piece" in her journey to full recovery. 

Combining up to date research in physics, biology, and chemistry with ancient healing philosophies, Leslie has created a novel framework that she uses in her wellness practice.  It helps clients gain clarity, find peace of mind, feel free of judgement and be empowered.

Leslie also offers Functional Medicine Testing and Genomic Testing Services.


          Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Biofield Tuning, Practitioner and Trainer

Master's degree, Education, Harvard University,

Bachelor's degree, Psychology, St. Lawrence University

Various assessments and therapies Leslie explored during her recovery.  (She is not trained in these.)

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Genetic Testing



Live Blood Analysis 

Voice Analysis

Biofeedback (Asyra/Qest, NES)


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Colloidal Silver

Raw Food Diet



Sound Therapy



Homeopathy, Digitized and Traditional

Flower Essences


Essential Oils

Chelating Agents

Raw Food Diet



Liver/gallbladder Cleanses

Kidney Cleanses

Colon Cleanses and Hydrotherapy

Ozonated Saunas

Infrared Sauna  


Biomagnetic Therapy


Water Purification

EMF Stress Reduction


Biological Dentistry

Lymphatic Drainage

Energy Medicine

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


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