Helping individuals reclaim their radiance.

Barnett Wellness Consulting offers a life-changing wellness framework that educates and empowers clients to make clear connections between choices and the ability to live radiantly.


Developed over 20 years of research, the innovative framework takes into consideration both physical and energetic components that influence an individual's quest to live a healthy, radiant life: hydration, nutrition, movement, relationships, and environment.  


Biofield Tuning is also offered as a supportive, physics-based, sound therapy method that uses the tones and frequencies of customized tuning forks to help restore energetic balance in the body.  This promotes natural healing processes and can be helpful with anxiety, stress, sleep, digestive issues, inflammation, headaches, pain and general malaise.


This integrative approach provides the foundation that supports and motivates individuals to shift behavior patterns deeply seated within themselves.  

Clients feel more confident, hopeful and inspired as they learn to navigate their daily decisions wthout judgement or "charge", access their inner healing power and find they can live in peace and harmony with themselves and their environment. 

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