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Reclaim Your Radiance

Biofield Tuning and Wellness Coaching for Women


I stumbled on this idea of connecting "radiance" and our health years ago, when a client confided in me that her husband had told her she looked radiant.  


As a Health Coach, I could not think of a more powerful word that captures the notion of health.  I felt deeply that it was a compliment everyone should hear. 


I thought of how we are all born into this world as radiant beings, yet with our experiences and aging, our radiance can fade.  Our home, work and school environments, infections, and deeply held emotions can cloud over the glow that exists within all of us.   


When we find the tools to rekindle our inner light, restoring the radiance that is rightfully ours, we are able to live each day with more joy, passion, clarity and peace.  And others often notice.


So how do we reclaim our radiance?  We can do it by shifting how we approach our health.  We can move away from the  reductionist models that we are accustomed to and towards models that are holistic and embrace the bioenergetic nature of our bodies, health and healing. 



My name is Leslie Barnett.

I am certified as  a Integrative Holistic Health Coach and Instructor and Practitioner of Biofield Tuning. In college I studied Psychology and French, and in graduate school I landed a degree in Education.  At heart, I am avid researcher and wannabe scientist.

The "Reclaim Your Radiance" framework evolved after I chose to navigate a different path on my recovery from depression, Lyme disease, eating disorders and other conditions that are so common.  I recognized that I had to change directions to get to where I wanted to go.

I enjoy immersing myself in physics, biology, chemistry, neuroscience, psychology, anatomy, nutrition, and consciousness and discovering the themes that connect them all.


My enthusiasm for these topics guided me in creating this holistic, life changing framework that crystalizes the elements for radiant living.  It has expanded my perspective on healing and deepened my understanding of our divine existence here on earth.

As I traveled along this path of discovery, I left no stone unturned.  I uncovered hidden gems that eventually empowered me to reclaim my radiance. They illuminated my way, enlightened my approaches to better health and shaped the mosaic of my work with clients.

If you are on a quest to figure out how to live your best life, to live at peace, to feel radiant again, I would be so honored to hear from you.  Please get in touch if this resonates with you.

You are radiant! 

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