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Reclaim Your Radiance

Transformational Approaches to Wellbeing


I fell in love with this word years ago. 

The first time I pondered it was when a client confided in me that she had received this compliment that she looked radiant.  I couldn't think of a more eloquent word that captures the notion of health and wellbeing. 

You look radiant.


How do you feel when you read that?


I wanted everyone I worked with to hear that compliment. It became my mission. While honing it, I uncovered research that upended conventional approaches for wellness.  This became the foundation for the framework I use.


We all were born into this world as radiant beings, yet

our inner light can become diminished for so many reasons.  My mission is to empower clients with wisdom and strategies to rekindle their inner light and reclaim their radiance. 

 If you feel your inner light might be able to shine a little brighter, please get in touch to learn more!


My name is Leslie Barnett.


I enjoy research and immersing myself in books, lectures and interviews on physics, biology, chemistry, neuroscience, psychology, anatomy, nutrition, and consciousness.  

My enthusiasm for these fields guided me in creating a holistic, paradigm shifting framework that crystalizes the elements for radiant living.  It has expanded my perspective on healing and deepened my understanding of our divine existence here on earth.

The "Reclaim Your Radiance" framework evolved after I chose to navigate a different path on my recovery from depression, Lyme disease and other conditions that are so common.  I recognized that I had to change directions to get to where I wanted to go.

As I stumbled along the path, I left no stone unturned.  I uncovered hidden gems that eventually empowered me to reclaim my radiance. They illuminated my way, enlightened my approaches to better health and shaped the mosaic of my work with clients.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.

P.S. You are radiant.

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